Monday, 22 January 2007

My Scuba Diving Schedule 2007

Padi Divemaster: #623396
Current Weather Conditions: Yemen
Getting there:
Yemenia Airline Flight Schedule
Ethiopian Airline Flight Schedule
Djibouti Airlines Flight Schedule
Oman Air Flight Schedule
Turkish Airlines

DIVE PLAN 2007-2008

1. Socotra Island-Indian Ocean-Yemen: February 19-23

2. Kamaran-Kutama Island-Red Sea-Yemen: March 27-30

3. Mukalla-Gulf of Aden-Yemen: April 6-9

4. Baltic Sea-Warnemuende-Germany: October

5. Cape Hatteras-North Carolina: October

6. Gulf of Tanjoura-Djibouti: Mid-November Seven Brothers-(Sawabi) Islands


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Bajuni sounds great...will get back to you to join...